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As Miss Fortune, you want to be aggressive early game. You have one of the highest damage outputs of any AD carry. Use your Double Up on a ranged minion at the back and try to aim it so the enemy champion is just behind the minion. This will make the ability bounce from the range minion to the champion and deal a lot of damage. You can also use Make It Rain to poke down the enemies and help you stack your mana flow band.

ms fire from milf

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Miss Fortune has one of the best team fight ultimate's out of all the AD carries. But be very careful because you won't be able to move when using the ability. It's always best as an AD Carry to stay grouped with your team. You want to stay as far back from the enemies as possible and allow your front line to go in front of you to tank all the damage. Most of the time you are the main damage output, so if you are caught by yourself and die then your team is in really big trouble, so make sure you stay safe at all times.

Should Manuela be recruited during the Academy phase, following the first battle of Garreg Mach, Manuela assisted in reconstructing several damaged areas. She decided against joining the Church, returning to Enbarr. When she arrived, she received a summons from Edelgard and decided to answer her call for assistance, joining the Black Eagle Strike Force.

Manuela can be recruited into any house Byleth is teaching from Chapter 8 to the end of the Academy Phase, so long as Byleth has a high enough level. The player can decrease the required threshold if they have had a support rank with her.

"The Indonesian military learned a lesson from Iraq, but it was the wrong lesson,'' says Ms. Jones of the ICG. "I don't see how a military operation could bring Aceh back into the fold. So what I see is a prolongation of resentment in the province that could feed independence sentiment."

In Aceh, campaigns of the recent past included punitive burnings of villages accused of supporting the rebels and summary executions of independence sympathizers. Military excesses in Mindanao have also pushed Muslims on the island away from the government. While military action is popular with most Indonesians and Filipinos, analysts warn that there could be long-term repercussions.

Senior generals warned that GAM would use a cease-fire to consolidate its strength, and that negotiating with them on an international stage would lend legitimacy to the movement. To a certain extent, the generals were right. GAM is probably stronger today than before the cease-fire was signed.

The Japanese government hosted last ditch talks in Tokyo last weekend. In a sign of hope, the White House issued a written statement by Bush. "I commend President Megawati for demonstrating her government's commitment to the Aceh peace process and for her willingness to go the extra mile in pursuit of peace." But the talks appeared doomed to fail before they started. Coordinating Security Minister Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, a retired general, said that GAM would have to renounce any designs on independence in exchange for an extension of the cease-fire.

Gam turned down the proposal - akin to Israel demanding the Palestinian Liberation Organization renounce designs on statehood as a precondition for peace talks. On Sunday, martial law was declared; on Monday, the Indonesian Air Force launched sorties against rebel bases with OV-10F Bronco warplanes bought from the US in the 1970s. 041b061a72


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