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1920x1080 PC Gaming HD Wallpaper And Background...

This collection presents the theme of PC Gaming Wallpaper 1080p. You can choose the image format youneed and install it on absolutely any device, be it a smartphone, phone, tablet, computer or laptop.Also, the desktop background can be installed on any operation system: MacOX, Linux, Windows, Android,iOS and many others. We provide wallpapers in formats 4K - UFHD(UHD) 3840 2160 2160p, 2K 204810801080p, Full HD 1920x1080 1080p, HD 720p 1280720 and many others.

1920x1080 PC Gaming HD Wallpaper and Background...

Last year, I discovered Wallpaper Engine on Steam (opens in new tab) and I think it could give you the desktop backgrounds your PC deserves. While that's still true, there are so many wallpapers to choose from that you can spend hours scrolling through people's creations. If you want a neat desktop without Wallpaper Engine, Andy's list of beautiful 4K gaming wallpapers (opens in new tab) is strong, but if you have the software, here are some of my favourite Wallpaper Engine wallpapers.

One of the reasons Wallpaper Engine wallpapers is fun to browse is that most of them are animated. There's a huge library of wallpapers and it continues to grow thanks to Steam Workshop support. Naturally, I've chosen lots of fun gaming-related wallpapers, but I've also included a couple of others in this list. Here are the best Wallpaper Engine wallpapers that I've come across recently:

If you're looking for the quintessential PC gaming wallpaper, it has to be Half-Life. There are a few Half-Life 2 wallpapers, including one in the City 17 central plaza (opens in new tab), complete with the Combine strolling around. Unfortunately these look a bit dated now, but inspired by Half-Life: Alyx (opens in new tab), we can gaze at the Citadel and look out over the rooftops as if we were staring through a real window. Keep an eye on the horizon, occasionally you'll see familiar enemies wandering and flying around.

If you're looking for something colourful and minimalist, this water effect wallpaper is perfect. The rippling water effect is relaxing to look at, and this makes for a nice change from some of the gaming-related wallpapers I've highlighted above. As you can see, even simple backgrounds can be tasteful. 041b061a72


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