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Fargo - Season 2 Episode 3 BETTER

Patrick Wilson has been very good so far, but this is his first big showcase of the season, and he's superb in it. The scene where Lou faces off against the entire Gerhardt mob by himself (thanks to local Fargo cop Ben acting more like the hired help than a fellow officer of the law) was a wonder of both tension and subtle acting, as Wilson showed us how unhappy Lou was to find himself in this situation, but also how unwilling he was to back down. He's not a superhero, but he's a man who's seen some things and been in some firefights before, so if the guns are going to come out there, he's ready to at minimum inflict some damage. His encounter with America's favorite new prog rock band, Mike Milligan and the Kitchen Brothers, was just as tense, even if the odds were more even, but also more crackling, because the writers and Bokeem Woodbine have made Mike a more verbally dexterous and interesting antagonist so far than the Gerhardts, who all favor a terse manner of speech. Lou and Floyd are literally from different states, but there's a common laconic style to the region, whereas Mike is an outsider who's happy to come in and gab and gab, including on the subject of how their alleged friendliness is really just unfriendliness presented in polite fashion.

Fargo - Season 2 Episode 3

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But what's most impressive about Lou in the episode isn't his ability to keep his cool in two near-death encounters, but how calm and at ease he is when he gets home to Betsy at day's end. This is simply part of the job to him, and while this case is more extreme than most of what he likely has to work as a state trooper, it's a measure of who Lou is that he can take those moments in relative stride as they're happening, and not break down after the fact. He knows he may not have much time left with Betsy, so any opportunity to make it home to her alive and in one piece is all he really needs.

* This is the first episode of the series where Noah Hawley hasn't been the credited writer, as Bob De Laurentiis got the credit for this week's script. Hawley used a writer's room in the first season to help him map out all the story and character arcs, but wrote the individual scripts himself; this year, he wanted to lighten his workload, while also giving more of an opportunity to the other writers involved.

* Things keep getting worse for poor Ed, who here suffers whiplash while participating in Peggy's ill-conceived plan to explain away the hole in the windshield by crashing the car into a nearby tree. You knew it was going to go wrong somehow, but the skidding so that the car struck the tree in the back instead of the front was still damned amusing. Ed trying to get out from under this murder feels like perhaps the most Sisyphus-ian task of the whole season.

Hanzee had been relegated to the background in the first couple episodes but he was awesome in this one. Everything from killing the white rabbit in the opening to his cold ordering of Skip into the hole. Hanzee showed himself to be a badass.

Mike had another standout episode. Everything from his conversation with Joe to his calm handling of the confrontation with Lou was phenomenal. He also hit the nail on the head with his comments about how nice Minnesotans are about being unfriendly.

An all-new season 4 Fargo story will premiere with two weeks of double episodes, beginning 8.30pm Thursday 8 October on SBS. Episodes will continue weekly at 9.30pm from Thursday 22 October. New episodes will be available at SBS On Demand each week on the same day as broadcast. Relive the first three standalone seasons of Fargo now at SBS On Demand.

They are, however, connected. Season two is a prequel of sorts to the first season, focusing on Minnesota state trooper Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson) and a horrific crime in Sioux Falls, S.D. in 1979, in which he gets caught up. An older Lou (Keith Carradine) and other characters refer to it several times in season one.

Lou goes into somewhat greater detail about Sioux Falls when Malvo comes into his restaurant looking for Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman), whose chance meeting with Malvo kicked off the entire bloody season.

Series executive producer Noah Hawley has previously revealed that the season will take place four years after the first season, in the year 2010. In addition, another character from the first season was teased to be returning, but who it is remains to be seen.

Season TwoSeasonal InformationNo. of episodes:13First aired:July 6, 2010Premiere:"Time Will Tell"Finale:"Secret Santa"DVD release:TBASeason ChronologyPrevious Season:Season OneNext Season:Season Three

In "Fargo," Garrett plays Joe Bulo, a midlevel manager in the Kansas City mafia tasked with disposing of the Gerhardt crime family in Fargo, North Dakota. With the help of his No. 2 man -- the comically evil Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine) -- Bulo means to acquire the Gerhardts' business by any means necessary. His partnership with Milligan is interesting. Viewers have seen Milligan in action already, creatively using a typewriter in an episode 2 scene to interrogate a sheepish salesman. Now fans will see how the pair work together.

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