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R Gmu €? How Some Students Harnessed Reddit

Faculty experts from across the university will introduce students to some of the most complex and consequential challenges of our day. The Grand Challenges we will consider include cyber security, infectious disease, climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem losses, digital equity, international labor and migration, and education. Assignments will prepare students for weekly discussion with the experts and with one another. Every student will also have the opportunity to do an in depth project on the Challenge that interests them the most. A brief application is required for enrollment. No previous experience with or knowledge of the topics in necessary, however! Curious minds from all majors should apply.

r gmu — How Some Students Harnessed Reddit

Last week, undergraduate Alexis Kirkendall concluded her 10-week Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program at the University of Maine. Over that time, she has been an integral member of the Ishaq lab, and had assisted with lab work for multiple projects, comparing microscopy staining protocols, training students, assisting with laboratory management and safety regulation checks, and more. She picked up skills in animal sample collection, microscopy and staining, parasitology, culture media preparation, DNA extraction, and data visualization in R. Alexis also helped create some of the marketing materials for the Microbes and Social Equity Symposium in July, and facilitated group discussions as a note taker.

I think I will make the move to suggested deadlines semi-permanent (some deadlines will be enforced based on if it is time-sensitive). The online teaching software I use can be set to assign a 0 to missing assignments, to email me when submissions are received, and to add conditions to submission portals, such as having first submitted another assignment or having received feedback on a previous assignment (like a previous draft of a paper). I can schedule automatic email reminders about assignments, email only students who are missing assignments, and students can check their grades and assignment lists online at any time. Not only does this dramatically reduce the time I spend chasing after assignments, but it gives students more agency in being able to participate in the class on their own time. 350c69d7ab

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