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Musixmatch Music

Musixmatch is an Italian music data company and platform for users to search and share song lyrics with translations. It is the largest platform of this kind in the world[2] having 80 million users (50M active users),[3] 8M lyrics[clarification needed] and 130+ employees.[1][4]

Musixmatch Music

Musixmatch's mobile app displays lyrics synchronized with the music being played.[7] Its native apps can scan all the songs in a user's music library, find lyrics, and be used as a music player. On Android, it also supports music streaming services like Spotify, Google Play Music, Rhapsody, and YouTube.[8] The company also has global agreements with Apple Music, Amazon Music, Instagram, Facebook, Google Search and Spotify.[9]

Musixmatch Founder and CEO Max Ciociola, said: Over the past decade, our team has built Musixmatch from the ground up with a vision to better represent songwriters and artists, allowing their lyrics to reach a global community of music lovers.

We'll start with a brief overview of each app, followed by several rounds of increasingly difficult music identification challenges. At the end of the contest, we should know which is the best music recognition app to identify songs. May the best app win!

Based on popularity alone and its accurate music recognition, Shazam is the app to beat in this showdown. The app features a simple interface. Upon opening it, tap its iconic logo button to start listening for music to identify.

Every song you tag is collected in the My Music panel below, which lets you access a ton of information about the music. You can listen to a sample, share it with others, open it in Spotify or Apple Music, watch the music video, see related music, and find other tracks from that artist.

Use the Search panel at the top-right to look up anything you like, where you can access the same page as if you had identified the song with Shazam. As you use the app, you'll find a Playlists For You section with music the service recommends. Tap the Settings gear to connect your Apple Music or Spotify accounts and tweak a few preferences.

Notably, the app offers the Auto Shazam feature, which constantly listens for music and IDs it even when you don't have the app open. To activate this, press and hold the Shazam logo.

Similar to Shazam, SoundHound features a big button on its homepage to start tagging music. SoundHound makes a big deal out of its support for voice controls. Saying "Hey SoundHound" allows you to search for music, navigate the app, start identifying songs, and more. The company even offers a standalone Hound voice assistant app, though there's not much reason to use it compared to Google Assistant or Siri.

Along the top of the app, you can tap a genre to explore the hottest music or use the Search bar to find songs, artists, and albums. When you open a song, you'll find that SoundHound also features its own music player. This can play samples (or full songs via premium music services) you've tagged, as well as popular tracks from the charts.

Interestingly, SoundHound also supports singing or humming music to identify it. Since other apps don't do this, we won't test this feature here. SoundHound is supported by ads and offers an upgrade to SoundHound Infinite if you want to remove them.

The music identification portion, which is what we'll test here, is under the Identify tab and works just like Shazam and SoundHound. You can access past songs using the History link at the top-right, or use the Search tab to look up anything without tagging it.

Once you tag a song, the lyrics will immediately start playing. As a cool benefit, you can show the lyrics translated into another language right below the original words (if available). This is a clever way to practice learning a language with your favorite music.

Musixmatch's premium plan is $3/month and provides a few benefits, like letting you save lyrics for offline use and enjoying word-by-word lyric syncing. Because of the app's nature, it won't work when used offline, so you can't save tagged music for later like Shazam does.

I performed the testing on an iPhone 11 by playing music from Spotify on my computer's speakers. To simulate a typical use case, each track will start at the one-minute mark. We'll note how long it takes each app to ID the song.

Each app can take two attempts to identify the song. An app will receive a 15-second penalty for each attempt it fails. And because accuracy is vital for music recognition apps, a 20-second penalty will apply to incorrect identifications.

For the final round, we want music that almost nobody has heard. For this, we'll use Forgotify, a service to discover songs that have zero plays on Spotify. This is perfect music for challenging the music recognition apps.

SoundHound comes in a distant third, as it correctly identified only one track out of six. For every other song, it failed to identify the music on both tries. With these 150 seconds of penalties, SoundHound finishes with a time of 164 seconds.

That leaves us with Musixmatch. In all but two instances, the app identified music in under 10 seconds, putting it at a better average pace than Shazam. Its total time was 52 seconds.

Musixmatch was impressive here. Like Shazam, it didn't make any mistakes. And in most cases, it recognized songs in less time than Shazam took. You can thus have confidence in Musixmatch as a great app to both display lyrics and identify music.

On Musixmatch, any music fan can create an account and start transcribing, verifying and translating lyrics. Upon joining, users will be classified as a Newbie but will be able to move up the ranks by becoming an Insider, a Master, a Hero and finally a King by contributing to the catalogue in a quality manner. Eventually, they can even earn money for their contributions.

However, Musixmatch already has its eyes on a new revenue frontier. The company is using its AI capabilities to do sentiment analysis, automatically detecting if a song is, say, happy or unhappy based on what is written. This is a new and interesting approach because music TOOLS recognition systems have always tended to be about audio, like a Discover Weekly which mostly depends on the audio side.

Yes, you can use Musixmatch in Spotify. You will be able to see the lyrics of all the songs you are listening to directly in the music app player. To do this, you will need to link both tools from the smartphone.

They have worldwide agreements with Sony/ATV, EMI Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Chrysalis, Kobalt Music, Spirit Music Group, Harry Fox Agency, peermusic, Disney Music Publishing, and several others.

A music data company founded in 2010, Musixmatch offers an extensive catalog of song lyrics and translations, including a platform through which music lovers can search for and share lyrics. In addition to furnishing a lyrics catalog "larger than any other," Musixmatch is on a mission to deliver the data, tools, and services that enable "the experience of music to be enriched across the whole world." Job seekers motivated by this objective are encouraged to apply, and opportunities to work for Musixmatch have included work-from-anywhere jobs with both full-time and part-time schedules. Moreover, these 100% remote jobs have been posted in transcription, editing, and art & creative fields, namely music, with bilingual professionals preferred for some roles. As an employer, Musixmatch cares about supporting "a balanced lifestyle" for its team so they can perform at their best, and the company also grants associates the freedom to adjust their schedules as needed. Desirable attributes sought after in prospective team members include creativity, attention to detail, patience, and strong collaboration and organizational skills.

Since early 2010, Musixmatch has been providing the ultimate song lyric catalog worldwide. By allowing their app users to have their music libraries scanned and providing lyrics for songs playing around them they are leading the way in helping people sing to their favorite tunes.

When you use Musixmatch, users will know which platforms they can use, and song search will work in a compatible manner. So, most of the famous music streaming sites like Spotify, Youtube, and many other platforms. You will have both perfect sound quality and accurate lyrics. So you can understand the lyrics of the song, the app also offers a translation feature so users can understand and sing along if they want.

The music listening experience and lyrics format will become more impressive when you bring it to other platforms with the Android operating system, thanks to the compatibility of Musixmatch. You can find a supported version for Android Wear and play it on a larger platform via Chromecast. So your experience will become more impressive, and you can create your karaoke at home with accurate lyrics and sync with songs on high-quality platforms.

Oh my god yes please I'm really waiting for this. Musixmatch had the biggest music lyrics catalog so it'll be great cause there will be lot of songs that have lyrics and time synced in many languages.

When you play all your groovy songs using the Musixmatch app, it can do much more than just display its lyrics alongside the music. It can also help the music sound much better. We are of course talking about the graphic equalizer feature. This additional perk can give us access to adjust our music and set the bass, mid tones and treble along with some additional 3D surround sound effect. Granted that the equalizer is not the best when compared to industry champions like jetAudio HD Music Player. But having access to a basic 5-band equalizer, bass boost and 3d Effects is not so bad. Especially because you already have the lyrics on-hand with this app and having some terrific sounding earphones or external speakers (thanks to the equalizer presets) will be like icing to the cake.


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