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Cody Singh

Sohz - Feel Me (Original Mix) [BEACHSIDE RECORDS]

Fort Wayne is by no means a metropolis, but if you ever feel the need for a small-town escape head two hours south to Richmond, the cheapest small town in America (opens in new tab). Its claim to fame (other than being budget-friendly): Some of the earliest jazz records were recorded in Richmond by such greats as Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong.

Sohz - Feel Me (Original Mix) [BEACHSIDE RECORDS]

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When winters are long, and sometimes even spring can feel like a drizzly haze, there is no better time to start fresh than the beginning of summer. Sheryl Crow was recovering from an operation when she penned "Soak Up the Sun" with collaborator Jeff Trot, and felt it better to find some joy amid less-than-perfect circumstances. "Don't have no master suite," she sings, "but I'm still the king of me." The video for "Soak Up the Sun," which become one of Crow's biggest hits, also screams summer with its surfers and beachside bonfires. Summer doesn't last forever, and Crow knows that: "I'm gonna soak up the sun while it's still free / I'm gonna soak up the sun before it goes out on me." (Rapp)

After becoming an underground legend from his exorbitantly-priced work only being available through his proprietary store, Mach-Hommy, perhaps partially by virtue of his connection to Griselda, is opening up. Streaming releases like Pray for Haiti may be intended as appetizers for his more exclusive records, but however you feel about his peculiar brand, albums like this remind you that he has every right to aim high. \u201CMach-Hommy is the icon, end quote / This gon\u2019 be the year I get my python trenchcoat / Had to dumb it down on my slow 50 Cent flow / My whip talk for me, Bentley wheels been spoke\u201D is just one of a thousand brilliant bars that seem to spill forth from him over the course of this 40-minute LP.

For the amount of times I just said \u201Cpop punk,\u201D lately I feel EVERYTHING is kinda fundamentally a grunge album, its emotive lo-fi screech more reminiscent of Pearl Jam than Blink-182. Flux, the latest pivot by the ever-unpredictable Poppy, also toys heavily with grunge sounds, but its roots in the metal and bubblegum sounds of Poppy\u2019s past puts it more in conversation with the post-grunge sounds of Garbage (or her Sumerian labelmates). I loved the narrative of Poppy\u2019s post-Titanic Sinclair metal freedom cry, but this album is\u2026 a little more my speed. It offers an exhilarating canvas for her underrated vocal range and striking pop songwriting, and it purposefully recalls women\u2019s continued and oft-neglected influence over the sounds of rock without steering completely into postmodern genre play the way her previous records have (not that there\u2019s anything wrong with that!). 041b061a72


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