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Templates For MS Word 3.9.1 [PORTABLE] Crack

v4.3.6Changelog Changelog - evolve Version 4.3.6Date: 12/11/22- Tested up to 6.1- PHP 8 Support- WooCommerce templates updated- NEW features are coming!Version 4.3.5Date: 17/01/22- Customizer bug fixes- General bug fixesVersion 4.3.4Date: 10/06/21- Bug fixes- WooCommerce updateVersion 4.3.3Date: 22/01/21- Several bug fixes, mostly JS compatibility issuesVersion 4.3.2Date: 12/12/20- Several bug fixesVersion 4.3.1Date: 4/10/20- Language files fixed- Solved a compatibility issue with plugins for post likes- Corrected the capability of Twitter sharing- Woocommerce templates updated- Some other bug fixes and compatibility improvementsVersion 4.3.0Date: 13/08/20- HotfixesVersion 4.2.9Date: 12/08/20- Rolled back the requirement for PHP 7.4Version 4.2.8Date: 12/08/20- Ability to add a Youtube video to Custom Content on the home page added.- Some minor bug fixes.- Updated Kirki for compatibility with Wordpress 5.5Version 4.2.7Date: 04/06/20- Woocommerce updated.Version 4.2.6Date: 15/04/20- Woocommerce updated.- Fixed - several Kirki bugs, affecting the Customizer.- Fixed - when moving from free version to Evolve+, sometimes Customizer error appearedVersion 4.2.5Date: 09/03/20- Woocommerce updated. Version 4.2.4Date: 16/02/20- Fixed - under certain circumstances, subitems of the main menu would stop working. Version 4.2.3Date: 26/01/20- Fixed - in the Live Preview mode, Google Fonts couldn't be loaded. Version 4.2.2Date: 12/12/19- Fixed - comments sections being shown uninvited. Sorry about that )Version 4.2.1Date: 10/12/19- Fixed - main page content box icons not showing in Customizer- Fixed - changing H parameters in Customizer has no affect on the website- Fixed several errors in header- E-Commerce templates updated- Added the ability to show comments on home page- Known persistent issue - in Customizer->Front Page Builder-Content Box the icon name shown isn't consistent with the icon presented.However, the icons do change when selected. Will be fixed in the future releases.Version 4.2.0Date: 29/11/19- Added another image size for post sliders, to improve image quality- Fixed header settings being ignored- Improved compatibility with Wordpress 5.3- Updated Kirki frameworkVersion 4.1.9Date: 23/09/19- Corrected some small CSS issues- Corrected a cURL error, sometimes appearing due to a bug in the Woocommerce integration- Corrected a problem with Woocommerce and login elements sometimes disappearing from headerVersion 4.1.8Date: 18/09/19- Corrected a problem with slides not being saved in the Bootstrap Slider- Updated Woocommerce templates and filesVersion 4.1.7Date: 05/09/19- Polished a couple of functions in functions.php- Small corrections of the CSS, blocking errors caused by certain menu pluginsVersion 4.1.6Date: 22/8/19- HOTFIX - backward compatibility with oder versions of PHPVersion 4.1.5Date: 15/8/19- Fixed some customiser issues- Set comments background to the general website background as defaultVersion 4.1.4Date: 6/7/19- Minor Visual Fixes- Added review boxVersion 4.1.3Date: 11/5/19- Updated WooCommerce Templates- Updated Language Files- Removed Google Plus Service- Minor Visual FixesVersion 4.1.2Date: 25/3/19- Updated Bootstrap Framework- Updated Kirki Framework- Updated Font AwesomeVersion 4.1.1Date: 6/3/19- Added Option To Disable The Google Fonts Library- Added Option To Move jQuery Library To Header Area- Improved Theme Options StructureVersion 4.1.0Date: 26/2/19- Added New Widget Area Layouts- Added 3 New Widget Areas - Top Header, Top Bar Left and Top Bar Right- Added Support For Widget Box Lite Plugin- Fixed WooCommerce Shipping Calculator Issue- Updated WooCommerce Template- Minor UpdateVersion 4.0.7Date: 17/2/19- Fixed Infinite Scroll Issue On Blog- Fixed WooCommerce Shortcode IssueVersion 4.0.6Date: 2/2/19- Fixed 500 Error in Customizer on Some Hosts- Fixed Menu Issue on Some Mobile Devices- Removed some features as per WordPress requirementsVersion 4.0.5Date: 16/1/19- Added Option To Select Order Of Blog Posts- Added New Default Demo Options- Updated Language Files- Fixed Correct Image Size In The Tabs Widget- Fixed Page Title/Breadcrumbs For Main Blog PageVersion 4.0.4Date: 31/12/18- Added Demo Awesome - The Data Importer Support- Added Option To Display The First Image Of Post Content If No Featured Image is Set- Updated Kirki Framework- Fixed Theme Options Per Page For Blog PageVersion 4.0.3Date: 19/12/18- Added About Page- Updated WooCommerce Templates- Updated Language FilesVersion 4.0.2Date: 19/11/18- Fixed Tabs Widget PHP Error- Code OptimizationsVersion 4.0.1Date: 3/11/18- Updated WooCommerce Templates- Updated Language Files- Code ImprovementsVersion 4.0.0Date: 22/10/18- Updated Kirki Framework- Fixed PHP Bugs- Fixed Jetpack Slider Image Issue- Fixed Pagination and Infinite Scroll Issue- WooCommerce Layout Fixes- Header 2 Layout Improvements- Updated Language FilesVersion 3.9.9Date: 26/9/18- Updated Kirki Framework- Updated Font Awesome- Fixed Featured Image Link- Fixed Mobile Menu IssueVersion 3.9.8Date: 14/9/18- Fixed Error 500Version 3.9.7Date: 13/9/18- Added Featured Image For Page- Fixed Zoom Bug For Featured Image- Fixed Customizer Options BugVersion 3.9.6Date: 5/9/18- Fixed Customizer Options BugVersion 3.9.5Date: 5/9/18- Added Zoom Icon In The Featured Images- Improved Speed Of Customizer- Updated Language Files- Fixed Accessibility For Mobile Menu- Fixed Issue With Header/Footer Widgets Not Refreshing When Enable/Disable- Fixed Tabs Widget Default Values- Fixed Breadcrumbs For Custom Post Types- Fixed Warning Message Issue on Front Page Content BoxesVersion 3.9.4Date: 6/8/18- Added New Responsiveness Options For All Sliders- Updated Font Awesome To Version 5.2.0- Accessibility Ready Improvements- Improved Structure Of Customizer Functions- Improvements- Fixed Website Width Layout Issue- Fixed Hide Page/Post Title Per Page/PostVersion 3.9.3Date: 29/7/18- Implemented Hook System In Common Template Files- Fixed Logo Position For Header 1- Fixed Mobile Menu- Fixed Breadcrumbs Bug On Single Post- Fixed Refresh Issue With WooCommerce Cart in Header- Various Visual and Function FixesVersion 3.9.2Date: 27/7/18- Fixed Breadcrumbs BugVersion 3.9.1Date: 27/7/18- Added Option To Set Main Menu Height- Updated Bootstrap Framework- Updated German Translation- Improved Header and Sticky Header Responsiveness- Fixed No Content On Front Page- Fixed Mobile Menu- Fixed Breadcrumbs issue- Fixed Translation Issue- Fixed Error Messages- Fixed Visual BugsVersion 3.9Date: 21/7/18- Major release of the theme - backup of previous version and database backup are highly recommended prior to update- Converted theme Customizer framework to Kirki- Added Visual Shortcuts in Customizer for faster design development- Upgraded Bootstrap framework to version 4+- Updated WooCommerce Templates- Updated bbPress Templates- Updated Language Files- Updated jQuery Plugins- SEO Optimizations- Removed Features per WP requirements: Import Demo Function and Contents, Contact Form, Google Maps- Changed file folder structure for better development- Improved overall speed - now theme includes one front end JS file, removed unused functions, files, optimized Dynamic CSS generation- Many visual and function fixesVersion 3.8.4 Date: 12/4/18 - Added Footer Reveal Effect- Updated WooCommerce templates- Improved overall speed - CSS and JS minifications, compressed images- Minor visual and function fixesVersion 3.8.3 Date: 19/12/17 - Added Shortcuts in Customizer- Updated WooCommerce templates- Minor visual and function fixesVersion 3.8.2 Date: 25/11/17 - Fixed issues with the Front Page Builder- Minor visual and function fixesVersion 3.8.0 Date: 17/11/17 - Added Custom Front Page Builder with prebuilt demos- Added 6 new elements for the front page area- Added new predefined color schemes- Updated WooCommerce templates- Minor visual and function fixesVersion 3.7.6 Date: 8/7/17 - Function fixesVersion 3.7.5 Date: 23/6/17 - Function fixesVersion 3.7.4 Date: 17/6/17 - Minor visual and function fixesVersion 3.7.3 Date: 20/5/17 - Added Font Awesome Icon Picker in Mega Menu and in Theme Options- Minor visual and function fixesVersion 3.7.2 Date: 5/5/17 - Updated WooCommerce templates- Minor fixesVersion 3.7.1 Date: 16/4/17 - Added WooCommerce Support- Minor fixesVersion 3.7.0 Date: 30/3/17 - Fixed submenus functionality bug in CustomizeVersion 3.6.9 Date: 27/3/17 - Fixed visual issue in Theme Options panel- Improved responsiveness of Bootstrap and Posts sliderVersion 3.6.8 Date: 21/3/17 - Minor visual fixesVersion 3.6.7 Date: 19/1/17 - Fixed double menu display and performance issues- Header and Footer patern option needs to be updated in theme options, if used beforeVersion 3.6.6Date: 15/1/17 - Minor visual fixesVersion 3.6.5Date: 13/1/17 - Added Submenus in mobile navigation- Implemented SASS, changed structure of theme folders- Updated French language files- Updated FontAwesome Font- Minor fixes, overall optimization and improvementsVersion 3.6.4Date: 17/7/16 - Small bug fixVersion 3.6.3Date: 17/7/16 - Added 1 New Bootstrap Slider Layout- Updated language files- Updated FontAwesome Font- Improved control panel per post/page options- Minor fixesVersion 3.6.2Date: 10/6/16 - Fixed logo image bugVersion 3.6.1Date: 10/6/16 - Added custom menu location for sticky header- Added option to select slider position (above/under header)- Added search field in the sticky header- Added option to enable/disable custom post format backgrounds- Fixed header widgets option per post/page bug- Minor fixesVersion 3.6.0 Date: 29/4/16 - Added One More Header Layout- Added New Options in the Header section- Improved Dynamic CSS Generation- Updated Translation Files- Updated Redux Framework- Updated Bootstrap library- Updated bbPress files with breadcrumbs- Fixed WPML Compatibility- Fixed Sticky Header Issues- Fixed many other visual and function issues Version 3.5.0 Date: 1/12/15 - Replaced many image icons with IcoMoon font - Updated Font Awesome - Fixed many issues- Improved overall design - added options to turn on/off shadow effects, modern flat design integrated Version 3.4.4Date: 30/8/15- Fixed Sticky Header issue- Fixed Header and Footer Patern Issue - Added standard WordPres templates - single.php, 404.php, search.php, author.php, attachment.php, page.php- Updated translation files - Minor fixes Version 3.4.3 Date: 5/8/15 - Minor fixesVersion 3.4.1 Date: 1/8/15 - Fixed Customizer Error- Minor fixesVersion 3.4.0 Date: 26/7/15 - Removed Options Framework as per WordPress requirements - Added Redux Framework support - Various fixesVersion 3.3.0 Date: 19/4/15 - Added options to select typography for H1-H6 headings, widgets title and content - Added option to select a featured image for pages - Added options to select custom background and color for Header- Content and Footer area- Added option to select title length of Posts Slider- Added option to disable boxed layout shadow effect- Updated comments avatars- Updated Color Picker in Customize- Fixed Theme Check notices- Fixed excerpt bug in Posts slider- Fixed Front Page sliders and content boxes display- Overall clean up of unnecessary functions, spaces and css Version 3.2.7Date: 19/4/15- Small IE and bbPress fixes Version 3.2.6Date: 17/4/15- Fixed bbPress bug, - Added option to select Header Image Background Responsiveness Style Version 3.2.5 Date: 14/4/15- Fixed small Google Map issue- Disabled comments on front page- IE fixes- Implemented Google reCAPTCHA for Contact page template- Added option to enable/disable Bootstrap Slides 100% Background- Added Tumblr social media icon- Added options of the premium version for showcase Version 3.2.2 Date: 5/4/15- Minor fix Version 3.2.1 Date: 1/4/15- Minor fixes Version 3.2.0 Date: 31/3/15- Added Infinite Scroll feature - Added option to select Bootstrap slider and Header widgets per page- IE compatibility fixes- Bootstrap images and responsiveness fixes- title tag fix- Completed translation- Fixed Polylang plugin issue- Added WPML compatibility- Color picker replaced with default WP library Version 3.1.6 Date: 9/3/15- Minor fixesVersion 3.1.5 Date: 1/3/15- Added bbPress and BuddyPress support- Added favicon option- Added 1-4 Front page content boxes option- Fixed various stylesheet issues- Updated translation filesVersion 3.1.0 Date: 16/2/15- Uploader FixVersion 3.0.9 Date: 12/2/15- Fixed customizer issues - Updated Bootstrap Elements- Minor FixesVersion 3.0.8 Date: 22/1/15- Added Calibri font, - Added title characters limit settings option- Added single post featured image- Fixed Bootstrap image alignment and titles background- Fixed codes issue in excerpts- Added Logo center option- Fixed CSS and Google Fonts- Updated Font AwesomeVersion 3.0.7 Date: 13/12/14- Fixed customizer bug, - Fixed upload media library- Added dynamic CSS - Small bug fixesVersion 3.0.4 Date: 20/11/14- Fixed child theme support - Fixed validation bugs- Added new options to disable menu effect and default thumbnail of postsVersion 3.0.3 Date: 3/9/14- Fixed Google Map bug - Added Pinterest Social Button- Updated Social Buttons LinksVersion 3.0.2 Date: 23/8/14- Fixed Customize bugVersion 3.0.0 Date: 17/8/14- Added Customize featureVersion 2.9.9 Date: 29/6/14- Minor fixesVersion 2.9.8 Date: 3/6/14- Added Front Page Content Boxes (enabled by default)Version 2.9.7 Date: 31/5/14- Updated FontAwesome icons to the latest version- Fixed custom header widthVersion 2.9.6 Date: 29/5/14- Fixed Bootstrap Slider arrows issueVersion 2.9.5 Date: 25/5/14- Added Bootstrap Slider option in the control panel- Changed default background- Minor fixesVersion 2.9.3 Date: 18/5/14- Minor fixes - Added new theme optionsVersion 2.9.2 Date: 1/5/14- Added Macedonian translation- Minor fixesVersion 2.9.1 Date: 4/4/14- Added full width option for single posts/pagesVersion 2.9.0 Date: 28/3/14- Minor fixesVersion 2.8.8 Date: 8/3/14- Minor visual fixesVersion 2.8.6 Date: 14/2/14- Added Layout Width optionVersion 2.8.5 Date: 31/1/14- Added Simplified Chinese language - Added Contact Page template with Google Maps and Contact Options- Fixed child theme CSS issue- Updated translation filesVersion 2.8.1 Date: 4/1/14- Fixed menu item hover issue- Fixed footer widgets layout - Added option to disable Animate.css plugin- Minor CSS fixesVersion 2.8.0 Date: 11/12/13- Fixed mobile menu issue- Improved Parallax 'Learn More' option- Added Post Formats with a color variations- Added CSS transition effects- Added Breadcrumbs navigation- Added missing WordPress functionality requirements- Improved overall designVersion 2.7.1 Date: 28/11/13- Fixed menu issue- Added new theme optionVersion 2.7.0 Date: 24/11/13- Improved responsiveness with Bootstrap- Added Sticky Header- Added new theme options- PHP and CSS fixesVersion 2.6.4 Date: 20/11/13- Updated Bootstrap Elements - Added Font Awesome - Improved Social links optionsVersion 2.6.2 Date: 17/11/13- Added Tabs widgetVersion 2.6.1 Date: 13/11/13- Fixed generator issueVersion 2.6.0 Date: 10/11/13- Improved theme options panel - Added Parallax and Posts slider feature- Added backup options- Added new theme options- Improved overall designVersion 2.5.0 Date: 11/6/13- Improved header widgets area color scheme optionVersion 2.4.9 Date: 8/6/13- Added button color optionsVersion 2.4.8 Date: 27/5/13- Added new design options- Improved overall designVersion 2.4.7 Date: 13/5/13- Improved Google FontsVersion 2.4.6 Date: 22/3/13- CSS fixesVersion 2.4.5 Date: 12/3/13- Added Blog templateVersion 2.4.4 Date: 4/2/13- Fixed search button issue for IE Version 2.4.3 Date: 29/1/13- Fixed CSS background bug Version 2.4.2 Date: 22/1/13- CSS and Javascript fixes- Improved overall design Version 2.4.1 Date: 8/12/12- Added 5 Google Fonts Version 2.4.0 Date: 17/11/12- Added new design options- Improved overall design Version 2.3.9 Date: 20/8/12- Added new design options Version 2.3.8 Date: 14/8/12- Fixed main menu issue Version 2.3.7 Date: 9/8/12- Added Bootstrap Elements support - CSS fixes Version 2.3.6 Date: 25/7/12- Added menu custom background color option Version 2.3.5 Date: 21/7/12- PHP and CSS fixes- Added responsive layout and new options Version 2.3.0 Date: 26/6/12- PHP fixes- Added new options - Improved designVersion 2.2.3 Date: 23/5/12- Added Greek translationVersion 2.2.2 Date: 13/5/12- PHP fixesVersion 2.2.1 Date: 11/5/12- Fixed php issueVersion 2.2.0 Date: 10/5/12- Improved theme control panelVersion 2.1.1 Date: 5/5/12- Fixed php issueVersion 2.1.0 Date: 4/5/12- Added Polish translationVersion 2.0.9 Date: 26/4/12- Functions and css fixes - Added Serbian translationVersion 2.0.8 Date: 14/4/12- Options fixes - Added Danish translationVersion 2.0.7 Date: 9/4/12- Script and function fixes- Added documentation linkVersion 2.0.6 Date: 28/3/12- Fixed issue with default menu in headerVersion 2.0.5 Date: 26/3/12- Fixed issue with custom menu in the sidebarVersion 2.0.4 Date: 22/3/12- Fixed issue with links in the headerVersion 2.0.3 Date: 19/3/12- Fixed issues with widgets layoutVersion 2.0.0 Date: 16/3/12- CSS fixes- Completely redesignedVersion 1.2.9 Date: 24/10/11- Bug fixesVersion 1.2.8 Date: 18/10/11- Added option to disable ads, one column template - Added affiliates optionVersion 1.2.7 Date: 14/9/11- Fixed Google Plus social button- Bug fixesVersion 1.2.6 Date: 23/7/11- Added Google Plus social button - Bug fixes in options pageVersion 1.2.5 Date: 19/6/11- Bug fixesVersion 1.2.4 Date: 29/4/11- Added translation - Brazilian PortugueseVersion 1.2.3 Date: 19/4/11- CSS and jQuery fixes - Added translations - Norwegian, Slovenian, ItalianVersion 1.2.2 Date: 6/4/11- jQuery fixes - CSS fixesVersion 1.2.1 Date: 5/4/11- jQuery fixed - Added translation - TurkishVersion 1.2.0 Date: 1/4/11- Added translation - RussianVersion 1.1.9 Date: 31/3/11- Layout and PHP fixesVersion 1.1.8 Date: 21/3/11- CSS and PHP fixesVersion 1.1.7 Date: 7/3/11- CSS and PHP fixes - Added translations - Spanish, German, Swedish, Dutch, FrenchVersion 1.1.6 Date: 8/2/11- CSS and PHP fixes - Added translation availabilityVersion 1.1.5 Date: 7/2/11- CSS and PHP fixes- Added LinkedIn social buttonVersion 1.1.2 Date: 11/1/11- Initial release Close Free Download v4.3.6

Templates for MS Word 3.9.1 Crack

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